Top Ten TV Episodes of 2012

You know the drill: it’s the end of the year, another “best of” list. This list is dedicated to my fellow couch potatoes, here are my top ten favorite television episodes of the year…

Still - Happy Endings - No-Ho-Ho10. Happy Endings, “No-Ho-Ho” (12.18.12) – The gang attempts to give Jane a proper birthday party, unfortunately, it is overshadowed by that festive of holidays, Christmas. Hilarity ensues. I don’t know what I found funnier: Brad’s Hip Hop Santa, Max’s backpack full of eggnog (“back-nog”) getting stabbed and shooting every where, or Jane spraying everybody with pepper spray as they try and surprise her. Difficult choice.

9. Parks and Recreation, “Sex Education” (10.18.12) – Leslie attempts to teach senior citizens about safe sex after an outbreak of STD’s only to be met with resistance by Pawnee’s abstinence only sex education law. That in itself is pretty damn funny, but throw in Tom  having to spend a week without the use of technology (and Ron trying to help him “detox”) and Ben and April meeting a congressman who may or not be a robot and you can see why I’m quickly loving this show.

8. The Simpsons, “A Tree Grows in Springfield” (11.25.12) – With a few tweaks, I think this episode could fit pretty well as a pre-Season 10 episode. A simple episode by modern Simpsons standards, my favorite aspect about this episode was how Homer related to the “miracle tree” and how it took him out of his depression. The “twist” at the end was a nice little touch.

Still - South Park - Faith Hilling7. South Park, “Faith Hilling” (03.28.12) – A hilarious look at the “dangers” of memeing and the whole planking/Tebowing/Bradying “fads”, the educational video alone makes it one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the show.

6. Touch, “Music of the Spheres” (05.10.12) – Of all the Touch episodes I saw this season, this one resonated more than any other because of the music aspect. I especially liked the Brazilian musician story. Side note, this show is underrated, it’s really quite good.

5. Modern Family, “Arrested” (11.07.12) – After a few iffy episodes, this was quite a standout.If you saw this episode, then you obviously saw the video which shows which led to Haley getting arrested. The best part about this episode, however, is seeing Phil take on the role of an angry father (which is a rarity in this show) and telling Haley of everything she should be grateful for. Bonus points for the subplot involving Cameron watching over Alex and Luke which winds up with them having to take Luke to the hospital.

4. Justified, “Thick as Mud” (02.14.12) – One of the best shows on cable, Justified continues to intrigue me week after week with it’s storytelling. This episode is no exception, while Quarles attempts to partner up with Boyd, Dewey Crowe is racing against the clock trying to collect money for an organ harvester after having his kidney’s removed. Intense and entertaining in only the way that that this show knows how to do. There’s also a pretty bad ass shoot out between Raylan and the harvester at the harvester’s hideout where Raylan shoots through somebody.

Still - Community - Basic Lupine Urology3. Community, “Basic Lupine Urology” (04.26.12) – Damn this show for being so awesome. In an homage to Law and Order (which includes the same stylized opening credits), the study group tries to figure out who sabotaged their biology project (their yam was smashed). What follows is a by the numbers cop procedural drama parody complete with a courtroom scene, and *gasp*, somebody even dies at the end of the episode. Poor Starburns, that’ll teach him to keep his makeshift meth lab in the trunk of his car. You get rear ended and BAM!

2. Breaking Bad, “Gliding All Over” (09.02.12) – Here is another show that’s one of the best that cable has to offer, in fact, this show is so good, it took me a while to figure out which episode I wanted to included on this list. While I leaned quite heavily on the episode that preceded this on, I chose the mid season finale because of what it all encompassed. Without giving too much away (unless you’ve already familiarized yourself with the recaps), Walt White has to deal with the aftermath of what happened in the previous episode. In doing so, he manages to tie up loose ends and begin distributing meth shipments overseas, which nets him quite a nice profit. Things seem to be on the up and up, but that ending. Wow. Now to wait for the final eight episodes of the series.

Still - Walking Dead - Killer Within1. The Walking Dead, “Killer Within” (11.04.12) – This show has some balls, let me tell you. In the span of an hour, they kill off two main characters (one a fan favorite, the other not so much but you end up doing a complete 180). The final scene is a stark reminder of the nature of what the survivors are having to deal with and trust me, it’s a real downer. Bravo to The Walking Dead for having the guts (no pun intended) to do what they did with this episode.

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Random Musings

Holy stinkin’ crap, it’s been almost two weeks since my last blog post! What have I been up to that has prevented me from my blogging duties you ask? I wish I could say it was something cool like fighting aliens or solving some kind of mystery with Mulder and Scully or hell, being chased by Jason Voorhees. No, unfortunately, I’ve been busy with school. Yeah, sucky excuse but oh well, what are you going to do?

Anywho, I thought I’d play some catch up on some of the things I have missed in the past few days that I really wanted to comment on, but stupid school got in the way. Damn you school, educating me and what not, you’ll pay for this…

Insert witty 'white stuff' joke here...
(Photo: Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images)


So sometime last week, Kim Kardashian (or Kartrashian, as we here at Bloggius Maximus like to say) got flour bombed on the red carpet of who the hell knows what and you know something?

I find it to be pretty damn hilarious.

I don’t know what is find more entertaining, the fact that Kim is considering pressing charges or the fact that her sister is quitting PETA after hearing that they are supporting the lady.

Whatever the case may be, kudos to the woman who poured the bag of flour, may you hold your head up high. Kim has needed to be pulled down a few pegs and this is just what we Kardashian haters have been wanting. Now if only we can get her and the rest of her talentless family to go away the world would be a much better place.

Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles???

Michael Bay, dude!? Seriously!? Aliens?

Don’t worry, I’m not about to go on a long rant about how Michael Bay is screwing with our collective childhoods (even though we’ve all seen what he did with Transformers),because most, if not all TMNT fanboys have already done so. While I agree that the origin story of the Turtles should not be messed with, and I do think he was kind of a douchebag by being cavalier about the whole thing, telling us fans to “calm down” when he’s over here talking about making them an alien race, the thing I’m really concerned about is this:

Yeah, my shitty paint job here excludes the obligatory explosions, but they’ll be there. My main concern is Michael Bay’s track record, all style and no substance – if you’re going to restart the TMNT franchise, please give us more than just a bunch of special effects please. Unfortunately for me, being such a TMNT geek, I’ll probably end up seeing it regardless…

And the rest

  • On the television side of things, The Walking Dead season finale was all sorts of cool, zombie attack on the farm, and Rick finally put his foot down with the group. I’ve been finally catching up with Alcatraz, I’m still not quite hooked but I am definitely intrigued and I have like ten episodes to watch. I am enjoying Kiefer Sutherland’s new show, Touch and the idea behind it is simply fascinating, I can’t wait to see how the story plays out, likewise for Awake, very interesting premise. Justified has been all over this place this season but it makes for damn good television watching.
  • I went and saw 21 Jump Street and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I never thought I’d say it but Channing Tatum does a good job in a comedic role. Funny stuff, not as cliched as I expected a buddy cop film to be, my only concern is that the theme song wasn’t in it but Johnny Depp, Peter DeLuise and Holly Robinson Peete do make cameo appearances so that’s at least something.
  • I’ve been perusing my Netflix instant queue and I’ve been finding quite a bit of 80’s horror films on there (April Fools Day, New Years Evil, Maniac!, Return to Horror High, The Burning, Visiting Hours, My Bloody Valentine)that I’m kind of anxious to watch. I will just as soon as I get done watching Breaking Bad, that show is great.
  • I want to watch The Hunger Games, that is all.

Top Ten TV Episodes of 2011

Well folks, the year is pretty much over and you know what that means. Everyone starts coming out with their year end lists of their top movies, albums, and so forth – I enjoy this. I’m always intrigued to see what people choose to include in their year end lists. Hell, I make year end lists as well and I get intrigued as to what I’m going to include. Usually I just compile my top ten albums, songs, and movies of the year (and I did, they’ll be posted up all this week), but this year I decided to make a new list. As the title suggests, I’ve compiled my top ten list of TV episodes of the year. This list was pretty hard because I had to go back through a backlog of episodes but it was pretty fun. So enough of me rambling, here’s my top ten…


10. Family Guy – “Back to the Pilot”
(November 13, 2011)

Family Guy hasn’t been funny in a LONG time but this episode proves that when the show tries, it can still make a hilarious episode. Brian and Stewie going back in time to the very first episode of the series set the stage for plenty of funny meta moments, such as the Kool Aid Man scene missing his cue or Stewie commenting on the family pausing while they do a cutaway.

9. The Killing – “Missing”
(June 5, 2011)

The Missing spent a good portion of the season doing nothing but setting up all sorts of questions. So when the show finally slowed down a bit to give us a little character development on our two lead detectives, it was a breath of fresh air. Detective Linden’s son goes missing so she and Detective Holder set out to look for him and in the process get to know each other a little bit more. The somberness of the series really shows in this episode as well.

8. American Horror Story – “Piggy Piggy”
(November 5, 2011)

In a show that’s already all sorts of messed up, it was hard to choose just one episode. “Piggy Piggy” stands out to me the most for being one of the more creepier, crazier episodes. It could be Vivien eating raw brains (do not ask me why) or learning Tate was shot to death by a SWAT team after a shooting rampage at his high school. It could also be Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet’s character’s fear of the Piggy Man urban legend and the ironic fate that befalls him when he tries to confront his fear. Pretty damn bleak.

7. The Simpsons – “The Book Job”
(November 20, 2011)

As much as I love The Simpsons, it saddens me to say that the show is essentially a shell of what it once was. I can admit that I watch out of habit now but that’s not to say that there aren’t a few episodes that are great. “The Book Job” is one of those episodes. It was funny, highly creative and just an all around entertaining episode, plus it included an R.L. Stine/Goosebumps reference that made the geek in me smile.

6. Modern Family – “Boys’ Night”

(March 23, 2011)

The episode pretty much writes itself: Jay spends the night out with his gay son and his friends, which includes Nathan Lane (who is great). The same can be said about the other story in this episode, Luke befriends the crotchety old neighbor next door (played wonderfully by Phillip Baker Hall). Both stories do end in a heartfelt way that only Modern Family can.

5. Beavis and Butthead – “Werewolves of Highland”
(October 27, 2011)

Everything about this episode was just hilarious, whether it was the boys ragging on Twilight and Jersey Shore, the boys asking to be bitten by a transient to turn into a werewolf to pick up chicks or just some of the things they say. It’s great to have them back on TV.

4. The Walking Dead – “Pretty Much Dead Already”
(November 27, 2011)

While some of the season’s story lines have been kind of lackluster (looking at you Lori and Andrea), others have been handled especially well in a great build up to the final ten minutes of this episode. It was only a matter of time until all the emotion Shane was holding back would break free and when it did, all hell broke loose. Finally, the zombies in the barn were all killed but it wasn’t until the reveal of poor Sophia being among the living dead that if finally dawned on the survivors that there would never be a happy ending. Rick making the ultimate decision to shoot her further echoed that point.

3. Justified – “Bloody Harlan”
(May 4, 2011)

The feud between Raylan and the Bennetts came to an end in a fantastic way in Justified‘s second season finale. Sure, there were some moments that were great such as Dickie using Raylan as a pinata until Boyd intervenes or the tense scene when Doyle was seconds away from killing Raylan until he got a bullet to the head. No, the episode’s best moment was the most simple: Mags (played by the awesome Margo Martindale) ends the feud by shaking hands with Raylan as she’s dying, after drinking from her poisonous moonshine, full circle ending.

2. The Office – “Goodbye, Michael”

(April 27, 2011)

Unfortunately, The Office never seemed to recover after this episode. The show has been on a sharp decline since Steve Carell left, but what a way to go. The episode’s best scene had to be Jim and Michael sidestepping the fact that Michael’s last day was in fact THAT day and not the next, as he had been telling everyone in the office. The silent farewell between Michael and Pam was just as sweet.

1. Community - “Remedial Chaos Theory”
(October 13, 2011)

Community sets the bar pretty damn high for a lot of comedy shows by being so unconventional and that’s what I love so much about the show. The premise behind this “concept” episode was great, the audience getting to see six different timelines based on a dice roll as to who goes downstairs to grab the pizza and how the events of Troy and Abed’s housewarming party play out. Brilliant and hilarious.